Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) is a test about teaching English to speakers of other languages and is suitable for people who want to prove their teaching knowledge with a globally recognized certificate. It aims to enhance teachers’ job prospects and skills for their professional development. This exam will help you to better understand different methodologies for teaching, lessons planning and classroom management.  After taking TKT, you can take other Cambridge Assessment English teaching qualifications such as CELTA and Delta.

British Council has over 20 years’ experience in exam administration and we guarantee to provide candidates with comfortable test environment and ensure exams are held fairly and equally. Our centres are located in the downtown areas in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chongqing with convenient transportation. For non-British Council cities, we are also able to offer on-demand TKT exam services according to our resources. Please contact us and get more information



General information about TKT exams

Exam Modules

Currently, 3 core module exams and 2 specialist module exams are available for registration. For each module, candidates are required to answer 80 multiple choice questions in 80 minutes. Candidates can take all modules together or choose the modules that meet the needs. Exams can be taken in one time or separately, in any order, over several times. 

Results and Certificates

TKT results are issued with certificates to centres approximately 4-5 working weeks after the answer sheets are received in Cambridge. British Council will be responsible for sending the cetificates to candidates via EMS.

Exam Preparation

For more information, please kindly go through the Cambridge Assessment English Official Website  or contact the hotline directly.

Cambridge Assessment English Hotline:400-650-7871



Test Dates

The exam dates for individual registration in 2019 are listed below. For group registration, please contact the designated office directly. Although the group registration date is on demand,  we do require the exam request to be placed at least two months before the actual exam date.

Beijing: 27 February, 23 April, 30 July, 29 October

Shanghai: 25 February, 25 April, 29 July, 31 October

Guangzhou: 27 February, 23 April, 30 July, 29 October

Chongqing: 26 February, 24 April, 31 July, 30 October

The registration deadline applicable to all the test dates in the same month is listed below:

Test in February: 7 January 2019

Test in April: 5 March

Test in July:  10 June

Test in October: 10 September





Test fee and terms of payment

Test Fee

With effect from 1 April 2018( For individual)

  • 1-2 candidates: RMB964 per module per candidate
  • 3 or more candidates: RMB709 per module per candidate 

The above rates are valid until 31 March 2019, test fees starting 1 April 2019 will be published later

With effect from 1 April 2018( For group registration)

  • 1-2 candidates or subjects: RMB964per module per candidate
  • 3-5 candidates or subjects: RMB709 per module per candidate
  • 6-25 candidates or subjects: RMB664 per module per candidate
  • 26-99 candidates or subjects: RMB624 per module per candidate
  • 100 or more candidates or papers: RMB604 per module per candidate

Late Entry Fee: RMB170 per module

The above rates are valid till 31 March 2019, the test fees starting 1 April 2019 will be published later.

*Note: All the above fees are VAT excluded. The fees include local exam service fee and Cambridge board fee. The Cambridge board fee is RMB264 per module.(VAT excluded)

Terms of payment

All the above fees can be paid by candidates in RMB through the British Council Exams Online System. All fees must be paid no later than five working days before the test registration deadline.

Refund and Cancellation

  • Candidates may cancel bookings five working days prior to the exam and receive a  50% of the local test fee refund, however the Cambridge exam board fee is not refundable. A written cancellation application is required. 
  • For cancellations within five working days prior to the examination or for absence, there will be no test fee refund. 
  • Sufficient evidence or explanation must be given at least five working days before test for cancellation. This evidence can be either in Chinese or English. Evidence can be a medical report or accident report etc, which should be issued by an authorised body. The report should include both the signature of the doctor/professional and stamp of the institution, and indicate that the situation stops the candidate from taking the exam on the scheduled date.





Make an application


  • Create an account: Please register an account and the system will send you a verification email for account activation. You can only apply for an exam once your account has been activated. 
  • Apply for an exam: Log in to your account and enter the 'Apply for an Exam' page. Enter your exam details. 
  • Check exam details: You will receive a notification email if there is any change to your application status. You can check your exam details by clicking the 'Registration Record' tab.
  • Make payment: You may make an online payment once you have received the notification indicating your application status as "Waiting for Payment”. 
  • Print the confirmation letter: The system will remind you to print the confirmation letter once payment it confirmed. You can check exam details in your confirmation letter.

On the test day

  • Candidates should report to the venue 15 minutes before the scheduled time of the exam. 
  • Candidates must bring the same National ID or passport used at registration.
  • Candidates can take writing instruments into the exam room. No mobile phones, books, dictionaries or papers are allowed.